The world is a wasteland. It always has been. Moshe, Amaru, and Reenu have never known anything other than the desert wasteland that raised them. When the rumor arises that something other than barren landscape could be out there, the three of them make haste for an abundant future. Upon arrival at this established society, the group quickly learns how and how not to get along amidst group dynamics and seemingly sinister mystery. The trials and social politics that Moshe, Amaru, and Reenu face teach them that some rules are useful and some are meant to be broken. Have a seat at Ecclesia’s Table

I was provided a digital copy from the author in exchange of an honest review

The world outside is a wasteland, and three friends Amaru, Reenu, and Moshe are in the hope of something better, a place that promises hope & civilization, a place that offers them an escape from the horrors of the outside world, a place that they can call their home: Ecclesia. However, is it really what it seems like?

Whilst I was reading Ecclesia’s table, I was, at various times reminded of the hunger games mostly because of the brimming tension in the atmosphere of the book and also because of a certain character that I’ll talk about later in this review. However, while the vibes of this book are similar to that of dystopian favorites like the hunger games and divergent, the premise, plot, and world-building are distinct and unique.

The minute we as a reader enter Ecclesia, there is a feeling of strangeness, almost like a foreboding. A premonition that the place has more secrets than our characters are aware of. The author did a really great job at world-building and brought ecclesia to life without making it too complex or difficult to follow. (Looking at you nevernight) The place felt like a perfect blend of inviting & mysterious and certain practices & elements like the manual and the trials gave it a sort of a cult vibe, which made ecclesia even more thrilling to read about. I enjoyed the fresh concept of “earning your place” at the “table” through passing certain tests. Moreover, execution of the same was also carried out excellently by the author.

Like every good dystopian, this has a set of well-defined and fleshed out characters. Oh, and I personally loved Amaru. She reminded me of Katniss Everdeen to a great extent. Her character stood out from the others and I adored how she was both; tough yet emotional and sensitive. It is a pet peeve of mine when in order to make a female character appear “strong” the author makes her really detached and ruthless, as if that is the only way a woman can be strong. However, this book did not suffer from that problem as I think Amaru had a perfect balance. Other than her, Reenu and Moshe, Ecclesia’s table had also a really solid set of side characters who were surprisingly well crafted considering this was a standalone dystopian novel.

One of the things that I think the author could have done a better job at was our villain or the “leader” of Ecclesia. I would have liked it better if he was more present in the plot rather than just pulling the strings in the background. I like how the author made him seem really calm and charismatic but I wish they’d have explored more of his character. Another thing that bothered me a little was the prose of the book. The book, in general, was decently written however I disliked how the author inserted “after-thoughts” of the characters after dialogues. It broke the flow of the plot at times. The length of the book could have been a little longer as well, as it would have given more opportunities for the readers to explore ecclesia.

Nonetheless, I had a great time with Ecclesia’s table. If you’re looking for a fast-paced dystopian read with a unique setting and wonderful characters definitely pick up this book. The suspense, delights & horrors of Ecclesia will certainly keep you on your toes!

4/5 ✨

Verily? Verily.

Mason S Haynie, Ecclesia’s Table

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