This is the part where I tell my readers that I do not wish to offend you. People have different tastes and expectations from different books. It is fine if you read for entertainment and It is fine if you read for escapism. I’m not judging. And I am not berating you for liking a book I strongly dislike. Personally, some of my favorite books are hated by almost everyone and called ‘pretentious’ and ‘boring’. That’s okay. I can live with that and so can you. On with the list!

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Call me by your name by Andre Aciman

Call Me by Your Name (film) - Wikipedia

Please don’t attack me for this and keep in mind that I only speak about the book because I haven’t watched the movie yet. I don’t how to put it gracefully but this book was extremely bad. And no, the purple prose wasn’t convincing enough to forget the other problematic aspects of the characters and the plot. There are some scenes in the book where Elio practically sneaks into Oliver’s room (when he is somewhere else) and does some highly questionable things. He has several disturbing thoughts and hopes Oliver would break his leg so that he’d stay in Italy with him forever. I’m sorry but 404 romance not found and yes I was traumatized by this one hotel scene at the end. Don’t even ask.

Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Buy Never Let Me Go Book Online at Low Prices in India | Never Let ...

One thing I don’t like in books are information dumping. This book does exactly that. The writing style is mediocre and conversational with some fake deep quotes scattered here and there. The characters? Annoying, not interesting and not remarkable in any way. The plot? Good concept but horrible execution. The big reveal just isn’t that great and I could not care about anything happening in the book whatsoever by the end of it. Usually I like books that are dreamy and dark with no coherent plot. Never let me go, in my opinion, tried to be that but failed immensely.

The Silent patient by Alex Michaelides The Silent Patient (9781250301697): Michaelides, Alex ...

This, I get the hype about because I pretty much loved it until the plot twist happened. The silent patient is smart in the sense that It knows how to keep the readers at the edge of their seat. It knows how to build suspense and evoke all kinds of emotion inside the reader. Unfortunately it opts for a really crazy path towards the end. Not only that plot twist was absurd, but it also explained away all that happened in a very lame manner. Some of which absolutely did not make sense. It seems to me that the only intention of the author was to trick and surprise the readers, nothing else.

The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train eBook by Paula Hawkins | Rakuten Kobo

This thriller is one of the worst ones I have read. The silent patient is flawed in it’s plot twist whereas this book has a really bland plot to begin within. I am tired of all female characters being portrayed as either a. an alcoholic or b. a lunatic nobody believes. The writing is so bad and the who-dunnit reveal is not exciting at all. I cringed throughout the book and some scenes were painfully embarrassing. A big no to this one.

Let me know about your opinions on these books in the comments below! I’d love to have a discussion on these titles. And what about you? What are some of the popular books that you hate? Tell me everything! I also hope you all have a lovely day! -mucho amor, Anushka.

5 thoughts on “Some popular books I strongly dislike

  1. Hey Anushka!!
    I highly agree with this list, looks like our tastes match quite a lot๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜Š
    I do a have a recommendation though.
    You should totally check out this book called Veronika Decides to Die. Its by the amazing Paulo Coelho, who is also the author of The Alchemist.
    Anyway great list๐Ÿ˜Š

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