Am I, a regular on-hiatus pumpkin, qualified to make this advice post?


But will that stop me?

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Plan it out

I cannot stress the importance of planning enough. I started a bullet journal last year and It honestly has made my life so much easier. One of the very important things to keep in mind is that to not overburden yourself. If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a busy person. For example, I am a senior year student and I have a ton of work to do on a regular basis, it includes preparing for exams, studying for competition exams, extra curricular activities etc. So I set realistic goals for myself. This includes :

✨ Setting a very easy going Goodreads goal for the year. (Mine is 20)

Posting only once every week on my book blog (I usually do it on Sundays)

Setting aside a day for taking book pictures and using them for future posts.

✨ Also it might not be a great idea to participate in a ton of Read-a-thons and challenges. Take it easy, especially if you don’t have the time.

Make the most out of time

Ebooks are your friend. I had a hate to love relationship with My kindle. I hated eBooks. But that was before I discovered that It’s actually easier as well as faster to read an eBook than a physical copy. Audio-books are another great way to multi-task and save time.

✨ Carry your kindle or your book (if you dare to) along with a notepad everywhere. This way you can read whenever you get a chance. Bus rides, personally, help me a lot. You can also plan or jot down your blog post ideas while you’re on the move. It’s a win-win situation.

Utilize study breaks to read a couple of pages, or go through your WordPress feed to read your friends’s blog posts instead of looking at cat videos on Instagram. #Guilty

Reading in the morning, just after waking up while you’re still in bed, does not only help you to finish a book faster but it is actually very refreshing as well. I usually cannot manage to read in the morning on school days since my bus leaves at 5, but on weekends I try to read around 25-30 pages before getting up. Really helps.

Read what you want to

I have said this before and I’ll say it again : Read for yourself, not for the internet. You might feel a need to read and review the latest books but I’ll suggest reading only what you actually want to, these can be back titles as well. Do not request a ton of books on Netgalley and do not accept a ton of Arcs from authors or publishers. When you’ll have more things to read, You’ll feel pressured and skim through books, or not read it very heartily. Reading will become stressful. And that’s not what we want.

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It’s okay to take some days off

As fun and relaxing reading and book blogging is, sometimes it can be something we’re just not in the mood for. I feel like it is important to acknowledge that not reading for long stretches of time, or feeling too lethargic even to finish that book from your favorite author does not mean that you’re any less of a bookworm. Being in a blogging or reading slump is totally okay. Who knows? Maybe you needed it. Stressing about books is something that defeats the purpose of books itself. Books are getaways, they bring happiness and joy. Let it only remain that ❤

Pftt, enough philosophy for today! These were basic tips but I still hope y’all gathered something from it. I’d love to know how you make time for reading! Talk to me about it below! I hope you all have a good day ❤

20 thoughts on “How to make time to book blog when you’re a busy bee

  1. Okay so I LOVE this post and all of your advice here, always so so very useful. ❤ I find that having some dedicated time to blog every day and every week really helps, as well as planning things out and having a schedule for my blog posts. I always like to be prepared, haha. I don't use a bullet journal for it all, but I'd love to eventually reach that level of organization haha 🙂
    And yes to reading whatever we want to read. i'm struggling with that every now and then, it's so easy to be influenced by the community when it comes to what you're supposed to read. I'm trying to do better on that 🙂
    Lovely post!! 🙂

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    1. Omg your comment made me so happy! Yes it’s really hard to not get a little influenced by the community, even I tend to start following the “trends” instead of reading what I actually want to, haha. Im so glad you liked this post. Thank you so so much for your sweetest comment ❤

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing tips. I am definitely guilty of not blogging for months for one or months. Although I am trying make a habit of at least blogging once or twice per week. I agree with your advice about reading for yourself and not the internet. I can admit I am guilty of doing this also.

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    1. Hii ❤ thank you so much for the reblog! I'm so glad that you liked my post. Haha, I keep disappearing off the blogosphere time to time. I guess it's no biggie, and mental health is so important. ❤ Thank you again!

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  3. This is such a lovely post and you have so much great advice here!! ❤ One thing that I've definitely noticed that helps me with blogging, is making sure I have a dedicated amount of time each day (or sometimes every 2 or 3 days) to blog and/or blog hop! It helps me remain consistent with my blogging habits! Reading in the morning and during study breaks definitely helps quench my reading thirst, and I particularly love using my Kindle/audiobooks for this!

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    1. Ahhh I’m so so glad you liked my post. It’s sometimes hard following my own advices haha, but yes, the planning definitely works and the self satisfaction after finishing the planned thing is incomparable. Thank you so so much for your sweet comment ❤


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