This book was an emotional roller coaster and I cried.

Welcome to my review.

What if everything you set yourself up to be was wrong? Frances is been a study machine with one goal. Nothing will stand in her way; not friends, not a guilty secret – not even the person she is on the inside. Then Frances meets Aled, and for the first time she’s unafraid to be herself. So when the fragile trust between them is broken, Frances is caught between who she was and who she longs to be. Now Frances knows that she has to confront her past. To confess why Carys disappeared…

☀ Elements I loved ☀

“I wonder- if nobody is listening to my voice, am I making any sound at all?” 

  • Radio silence is the kind of book that makes you think it was specifically written for your life, if you’re a teenager that is. I”ll probably say it a hundred times but this book was so relatable, so real that it made me cry warm tears of happiness and sorrow both. The characters had so much realistic traits, real awkwardness and spot on interactions. Especially Francis and Aled. They spoke to me on a spiritual level. Alice Oseman is one of those writers who gets teens. And we’re all so thankful for that.
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  • This book is the perfect fit for pride month. It has the most diverse set of characters I’ve seen in a single book. And that makes my soft heart so so happy. Almost all the characters are queer, and guess what? They are racially diverse too! Name a more colorful book, I bet ya. Not only this but the fact that the diversity represented was so subtle and effortless, it just perfectly fit.
  • Yes to platonic relationships! Radio silence is not just like a super relatable book, but it is a major trope breaker. I don’t think I’ve read many books with a pure, loving and fun platonic relationship as that of Francis and Aled. You know when you meet a person and you connect to them and then you want to tell them anything and everything and you’re not afraid of being you? They were that. They were platonic soulmates. We need more of this in books please. Authors, take notes ❤
Aled Last: why are you tormenting me with cringe messages like this
  • Radio silence is not one story. It is an emotional journey of the characters who are learning to love and find themselves. It explores what it is actually like being a young adult in this generation where everything is a constant battle with your head. If you read this book at the right time which is in the senior or junior year of high school, it will honestly have a larger impact on you. Academic pressure, staying up till 3-4 doing homework, not even being sure if you actually want to do what you’re working so hard for are only some of the instances that this book covers. It was authentic and raw. Also it talks about the actualities of fandom culture. This book is one big package.
  • I want to give a LOUD shout out to Francis’s mom and Raine. They were the actual queens. What is not to like about them? Supportive fun parent all ready to help her kid in a mission to save someone? YES. A friend who’s always there for you and drives you to your interviews and waits for hours? YESS.

☀ Was not a fan of ☀

  • It felt kind of rushed at the end to me. I wanted more development and more scenes of the gang together.
  • There was a lot of ”telling not showing’ in my opinion
  • Francis DESERVED AN APOLOGY. If you have read the book you know for what. I mean I get it but I was looking forward to that apology the whole second half of the book. It was wrong how Aled accused Francis. That’s like the only instance when Aled didn’t seem like a cute adorable potato to me.
  • Would have liked it better if their diversity and sexuality added more substance to the story

Nevertheless, I love all that the book is. If you haven’t picked it up yet, you need to.

Hello lovelies, how are you? Have you read Radio silence? Are you planning to? I’d love to talk to you about it! Hope y’ll are having a colorful reading month.

10 thoughts on “Radio Silence by Alice Oseman ~ review in bullets ☀ / #bookreview

  1. I’ve heard so many good thing about this one. And it has a main platonic relationship? I might need to get to this sooner rather than later. Love so many of these elements and it’s so nice to hear when an author really gets their young adult characters. Great review!

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  2. Ahhh, I’m very happy to see you enjoyed this one so much! I love Alice Oseman so, so much for that, because of her writing voice and how she really gets teens and everything this just makes me so happy and made all of her books so far so incredible, too ❤
    Wonderful review! 🙂

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