Hello guys,

Who does not love books and gifts related to books?

No one.

Glady, there is an online shop called Literary book gifts with amazing products like T-shirts, tote bags, hoodies and book backpacks with different literary prints and a variety of colors.  The prints are from books such as Sherlock, Peter Pan, Cinderella, A tale of two cities, Jane Austen etc. The material seems good as well. However, I feel like the prints are confined to well-known classics, and that it should be expanded to new books and contemporaries. I hope Melissa would work on that. Also, the products may be a little expensive, but I feel like every item is worth the price. Here are some of my favorite stuff from the store, which might interest you guys. 


                                                                                                                                                                                I highly suggest all the old school book lovers check out these amazing designs and products. If you’re planning to buy something use my code  LIVINGINTHEPAGESZ20 to get a discount of 20% on ANY PRODUCT. This code could be used for an unlimited number of times. Happy buying!



How are you all? Read any good books lately? Liked the designs?? Let’s have a nice chat in the comments section below! ❤



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