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Now, for “normal people” books are just a thing you read. You read and you take something from it and that’s pretty much it….#Booooring. But then there are people like us. Book nerds who not just READ but do all sorts of “crazy” things. (Like, from a muggle’s eye) So here am I, presenting *Drum Roll* A list of things book nerds from all around the world do which might be normal. If you do it too, you give yourself one point. Keep counting your score and comment below how many points you got. (Ok, this might be lame but it’s fun too so DON’T COMPLAIN.


1. You smell your books. All the time. 

Image result for Smelling book  meme

2. You Pat them too. And hug them. Kiss them. Cuddle with them. (Ok, YEAH, I DO THESE. DON’T JUDGE.)


Image result for Arent you just perfect meme

3. You have AT LEAST ONCE tried to act like your favorite character by owing things that they own and doing things that they do. *

*I tried to act like Celaena after reading Throne of glass in class 8th. No lie. No shame. #Gocelaena.

4. You buy books solely because they look beautiful without knowing anything about it. *Awkwardly laughs in the corner.* Hehehe.

5. Have gotten into a heated argument/ Really really angry because someone insulted your favorite book or character. *

Image result for how dare you say that

*Raises hand. Both hands. Raises legs too. Because SO MANY TIMES.

6. You have goals in life. Not health goals. Or relationship goals, But “How many books I have to read this week.” Goals. (Which are wayy cooler tbh.)

7. It literally makes you sad thinking that you can’t read all the books in the world before you die.

8. You refuse to go out without a book in your bag. #Teamantisocial.

9. You spoil a book for yourself, “Accidently”. Which basically means looking for tumblr pages of the series you HAVEN’T finished yet and then acting like Phoebe: **

Image result for phoebe my eyes my eyes gif

**SHATTER ME. because I wanted to be sure I am shipping Juliette with the right guy. And I was. Warner baby. ❤ 

10. You recommend your favorite book to a friend, but feel possessive when they began liking it tooo much. “Hey here’s my favorite book, like it but don’t like it more than I do because IT’S MINE.” Felt that?

11. You Start multiple books at once…and end up not finishing any of em. XD

12. You have imaginary conversations with your favorite character. (No, I don’t need help, you need help.)

Image result for im fine meme

13. You make choices such as…

Have to pee < Important scene going on in the book you’re reading.

14. When a character does an embarrassing thing in the book, you close the book feeling embarrassed and then open it back cringing really hard.

15. Your room is filled with either books or merchandise of your favorite books/ shows.




What is your score?? Do you happen to have any other book nerd traits? Talk to me about it below in the comments section. Have a greaat day. XX





7 thoughts on “How much of a crazy book nerd are you?

  1. 1. I would love a book smell air freshener. 2. I have on multiple occasions thought, “I wonder what they (the characters in my book) are doing now.” 3. My husband has had to pull me away from people who chose to insult the book I was teaching or reading because of the rage he could see building in me. 4. Book nerds are the best!

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  2. It BREAKS MY HEART to think I shan’t live long enough to read allll the books we have in our loft… in the spare room… stacked up by my bed… on my Kindle… And I have been known to hop from foot to foot because I didn’t want to stop reading to go to the loo.

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