On your skin

I see cuts, deep and red.

from when you were captured

in that prison of pain.

And I see how your feet is frail,

from falling like leaves,

on cold dark nights.

Your head itself,

is the home of hell.

as your own thoughts have,

their fingers around your neck.

Which makes me wonder,

how you struggle to breathe, 

And yet how you manage,

To stay so still. 

Your lips are bruised

from the storm you hold back.

as if you’ve locked your words,

and lost the only key.

But If it terrifies you to speak,

I’ll just sit with you, quite.

Till everything hurts,

a little less.


Please let me know what you thought of that poem below. I’d love your feedback. Also, I know I haven’t been around lately and I have like missed many of your posts, so please link any of your posts which you’d like me to read, and I’ll read it. See ya guys soon, (I hope, lol.)



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