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Unless you live in a cave, I’m sure you have heard of the book to the netflix series adaptation of 13 reasons why. (Linked to IMDb) It’s all the hype these days, I finished watching it a week ago and thought of writing this post as soon as I finish it but..let’s just say I’m super lazy. For those of you who haven’t watched the show yet, read the review and go watch it because it’s absolutely amazing, and if you have watched it read the discussion and leave your view in the comments below. XD

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13 Reasons Why is the kind of show that leaves you thinking about it long after you have finished it. It makes you realize that how every word you say, every action you take can have a huge impact on someone’s life. And how by being kind, you can literally save a life. I read the book around two years ago so I don’t remember much from it, but I’m sure about one thing; I love the show way more than the book. It is very well adapted and all the actors did a fabulous Job, especially Dylan Minnette who portrayed the role of Clay Jensen and Katherine Langford who portrayed the role of Hannah Baker.

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Although everyone should watch 13 Reasons why because it’s so necessary to raise awareness about mental illness, suicide and rape etc.  I think it won’t be a very good idea for you to watch it if you’re not in a good place in life right now. Except that,  I believe it’s a very addicting and important series which keeps you on the edge of your seat from the pilot.  So go watch it and I hope after you do, it will bring a change in your thinking, because you might not know but someone around you might be in need of help, and you being just nice to them can bring a huge change.




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  • The very first thing, AND my favorite thing I’d like to talk about in 13 Reasons Why was Clay and Hannah’s relationship. I agree that their scenes together in the flashbacks were really few, but whatever we got to see was truly adorable. While I was watching it, I was shipping them so hard but then also reminding myself that it can’t actually happen because..well Hannah is dead, it really broke my heart. Although I felt super mad at Clay sometimes for not telling how he felt about her, but I absolutely LOVED him. How could someone not? Plus I don’t know if it’s just me but I think he was a lot like Charlie from The Perks Of Being a Wallflower, and the actor also looks a little like Logan Lerman.  Also, my favorite tape was Clay’s tape. I cried so hard in that scene where Clay is in the car and Hannah is saying “Clay, Helmet, You don’t deserve to be in this list..” That scene was SO strong. Ah, my heart. I hope for more Hannah and Clay scenes in Season 2, it is badly needed.

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  • Now let’s talk about some of the characters. Starting with Justin Foley. In the first couple of episodes, I felt like punching the shit out of him, but as we got to know his story I couldn’t help but feel bad for him. I mean yes, he did terrible things but he also was such a complex character so it’s tough to hate him. Especially towards the end, when Jessica tells him she doesn’t want to see him anymore and he’s so devastated and has no place to go, that bit was truly sad. I loved Alex Standall, even what he did was terrible, of all the characters we see only him actually owning up to what he did, and we can see how he truly regrets it. Plus, damn that ending. I don’t have much of a really strong opinion on the others, but Bryce and Courtney deserve their own special hell. Courtney was such a pain in the ass. I mean, come on, SHUT THE HELL UP. It annoyed the crap out of me whenever he tried to defend Bryce, like YOU’RE A GIRL. YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND THE SERIOUSNESS OF RAPE. Plus that “Fuck off Courtney” Was on point. And Bryce, he disgusts me, truly disgusts me. I felt so insanely proud of Clay when he managed to get that Confession from him. I really disliked Mr Porter, that guy was walking around acting so innocent when in actual he was the last person Hannah came to for help. He could have stopped it. But he didn’t.
  • Hannah’s suicide scene. It was after a very long time that I had cried so hard while watching something. In the book, she overdoses on pills. So I wasn’t expecting something THAT graphic. From the point she got in that tub to the point where her Mom finds her body, I swear I was a mess. It hurt my eyes to watch the whole thing, it really did. It gave me goosebumps. Even when I still think about it, I just feel so uncomfortable. Man, that was one hell of a scene.
  • Loose Ends. 13 Reasons Why left us hanging with so many questions. Like DID ALEX SURVIVE? WHAT THE HELL IS TYLER UP TO WITH THOSE PICTURES AND THE GUNS?? WHO WON, THE SCHOOL OR HANNAH’S PARENTS? DOES BRYCE GO TO JAIL? WHAT HAPPENS AFTER JESSICA TELLS HER DAD ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO HER? ETC ETC ETC. I’m just glad that season 2 Is confirmed, even though we have to wait like ages for it.
  • That Plot twist with Jeff Atkins still hurt. In the whole goddamn show, he’s like the only one who can be called a nice kid. He just wanted to get his grades up and help Clay with Hannah. Plus, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that we saw Jeff in ONLY the flashbacks.
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I know I’m missing out on so many important key points. But then this show has so many pieces and different aspects that I’d be hard to talk about all of em. If you want to know my views on a certain thing please ask below, I’d love to talk about this amazing show with you guys.


Have you Guys watched the show yet? Did you like it? What were your favorite parts? Please let me know in the comments section. Have a lovely day.


9 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why Netflix Series | Review & Discussion.

  1. Uh… everyone’s been talking about it and I’m hearing sitting like, “I WANT TO READ THE BOOK FIRST. AND THEN WATCH IT. ” 😂

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  2. Great stuff you’ve written :)!! We binged this show in 3 days!!! It was soooooo good!! unfortunately we didnt read the book yet …but we will…someday 😉 !! Litterally soo buzzed for the second season! 😄 😄 ~ from The Twins (Shanya and Tanya)

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  3. Well, first I was all like “I want to read the book first and then watch” but with everyone talking about it … I just gave in and watched the show.. I was taken aback when Hannah “exonerated” Clay in the tape…. I guess somewhere it was a relief to know that even in that state, Hannah recognized what Clay meant to her in high school… and well, though it isn’t much of a consolation, atleast to some extent it will help Clay relieve the burden of guilt..

    I feel like the episodes could have been shorter instead of forcing it into a one-hour format.. I wasnt a huge fan of the way Clay hearing all those tapes was stretched out and I wasnt a huge fan of Tony or the Clay-Tony scenes..

    Sigh, Justin really got a shitty life handed out to him … his arc was probably one of my favs in the show.. Though I felt bad for him, I was pleased with the last Justin-Jessica scene… There was no other way that could have ended which would have felt right…

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    1. I didn’t like Tony either and yes, I totally agree with you that the episodes could have been shorter. YES.I loved Justin’s arc in the story. I mean, although the jessica-justin scene in the end couldn’t have been better, I felt soo bad for him. For a second there I really wanted her to forgive him but is better this way. I can’t wait for season two!!!! And i’m sorry for the late reply. XD

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