Hey There,

So you might have noticed that I had been gone for like two whole months. I could excuse that by saying that I had my exams and I had to study but then I’d be lying. It wasn’t just the exams that were stopping me from writing something but to be completely honest, I had just given up on these things. I had given up on the one thing that I like to do the most ; Write . And I hated that I didn’t get the inspiration or motivation to do so. Leave alone writing, I hadn’t been reading either. I haven’t read anything from like three months now. This makes me unbelievably upset. Another thing I haven’t been doing is working on my book. Remember how pumped up I was to get it completely done? Yeah, good old days.

The reasons for this whole mess was nothing in particular really, I just had suddenly become a hermit. Have you ever been in this state where everything around you just somehow doesn’t matter and all you want to do is be with yourself, in your confined little space, and do absolutely nothing at all? Or just sit and think? Think about things you want to do, think about people you’re close to, think about what is going on with you but doing apparently nothing about it? Just barely existing. I hope I’m making at least a little sense to you.

Moving past this depressing stuff, the point of this post is to tell you that I think I’ll be back to normal now. I mean ‘Normal’ as in back to doing the things I love, and for only me, not for anything or anyone else. Plus, my friend read the first draft of my book. There’s finally someone other than me who has read it. Like, this is huge for me. Anyway, he told me to read it again and work on it to make it even more good, So I think I’ll be doing that. I mean, I really want to. I just hope that I sit and do it because honestly, I really miss working on it.

I know this was way different than what I usually post but I think I really needed to do this and plus writing about things that are bothering you is therapeutic so that’s what I think I’m doing. And I promise I’ll post more often now. However, if any of you are going through the same thing, or any of you have an advice for how to get more inspired and motivated, then please let me know down in the comments section.

Have a lovely day.

– Anushka.

8 thoughts on “Random Musings + Where Have I been?

  1. Ah yes. I have a long list of such disappearances from posting regularly. *When was the last time, Anj? Uhh maybe I didn’t post in December and January?* I felt no motivation last year, so I ended up in a reading slump. This year seems to treat me better. *haha we are only three months in* Anyways, stay strong, Anushka ❤


    1. Now that I’ve come back from this hiatus, I do realize that sometimes it really helps to take breaks, that way you can come back with so many ideas. So, don’t worry if you fall into a slump, and I’m glad that you are feeling motivated this year, I hope you keep feeling that. I will stay strong. Thank youuu. ❤

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  2. Lovely to have you back, Anushka:)). None of us are machines – and sometimes we just need a break from whatever we are doing to take stock. Or… just have a break! That said, welcome back!

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    1. I’m glad that blogging helps you with your anxiety, I hope it gets better with time.Yes, blogging does helps me a lot too, but it makes me really upset when I’m not able to do even that. Anyway, Thank youu. It feels wonderful to be back. XD

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