Hello Guys! Remember me? I’m so sorry that I haven’t been in the blogosphere lately. And I have the same excuse again, life. It has been a busy month with my writing, school and drama. (Don’t even ask.) I just wanted to also mention that I’ve reached 300+ Followers and I’m thankful to all you guys who read my blog, I wouldn’t have gotten here without each and every one of you. So, Thank you! I love you. P.S I have many pending reviews and other content to post but today I’m sharing with you my writing updates because I really want to.

 I finished the first draft of my book! In like, the first week of Jan and I’ve been editing since then. I was seriously so thrilled when I complete writing all the chapters and I was jumping up and down in excitement. I rewarded myself with chocolates.(Although I should’ve been rewarded with a gold medal. Every writer should be awarded with a gold medal) #Joinmeintheprotest.

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Editing has been cool. (I’m lying.) Every five minute or so I bang my head on the table because editing drives me insane. But I think I should probably explain my editing process but BEWARE if you do the same it might kill you. (Whom do you think is writing this?) #Boo
So, Editing :
a.) Read my entire manuscript once. And take notes on what changes will I have to make once I start editing. It is basically chapter wise. For example:
  • Add more description/scenes
  • Improve that particular scene.
  • Blah.
  • Blah.
  • Etc.
b.) Start editing and fix major things first. Like plot holes, scenes and characters in every chapter.
c.) In the second round, check the dates of events happening in the book and other such minor yet important things.
d.) In the third round cut off over used words and cliche sentences. Also fix grammar and spelling.
e.) Find a beta reader and wait for them to finish reading the book.
f.) Make all the changes you need to make after getting all the feed backs and inputs.
g.) Proof read it once again.
h.) Take it to the next step ; Querying etc.
So that is basically my editing process. Obviously, I missed some major things such as: Banging your head, screaming, over eating, stressing and taking long breaks. I’m still at the second stage of editing which is fixing the major things of my book. My goal is to finish this whole thing by July at least. *Crosses fingers*
Okay, I made a list of things I wanted to talk about:
  • There is one person who is reading my book currently and I can’t even describe how excited and scared I’m at the same time. It’s my best friend. And I sent her the first draft of my book and SHE’S READING IT. I talk to her every day and ask her till where has she read and then she gives her opinion on it. So once she finishes reading it, I’m going to ask her for a list of all of the things that she didn’t like and I’ll try to fix them.
  • I need at least two opinions, so I’m going to have to find a beta reader and I don’t know where to find them because they do not grow on trees. I’m not looking for some professional beta reader but only a person who loves to read and is willing to help me in improving my book. I’d really be more comfortable with that. I’ll be searching for them soon and I hope that I find one. P.S if any one of you are interested, just let me know below. It’s a contemporary YA so suit yourselves. And I am not sure till when I’ll be able to give it out to you but I am thinking before March maybe?
  • Are any of you writing? I am always looking out for inspiration and I thought that If I talk to people who are writing as well, then that would really boost me up. And I’ve always wanted a writing buddy whom I can share stuff with. So, if any of you are writing, DM me on twitter or email me and we can just..talk? Idk, I thought it’ll be a good idea.
  • Lastly, I’m really excited to be done with my book. I can see the end near and I’m so thrilled for the future. I have worked really hard for this and I just wish that I accomplish all of my goals. I really really desperately want this book to be in my hands in physical form.


  1. Ahem. My first draft is over so thankfully, I don’t have any major questions.
  2. So from the next time,In this column, I’ll answer questions about my book/ writing in general. Please be sure to drop some of your questions down below. It can be about anything related to writing or something you may want to ask about my book. I am no expert, but I can share something useful from my experience maybe.
  3. Be sure to check out the next book update post where I’ll talk about my writing essentials!


I hope that your 2017 is going well. And I hope you’re doing well in your writing projects. (Also, I hope you’re alive because sometimes, writing can kill.) Be sure to tell me about it down below. Have a lovely day! 




2 thoughts on “Book Update-3 (Where I talk about editing and dying.)

  1. Huge congratulations on completing your first draft. And you are spot on – the editing phase is by far the hardest part! Best of luck with getting a writing buddy and/or a group of like-minded writers who can support you – I think it’s vital.

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