When I cry while reading,some of my family members,or friends give me a look which clearly says:
a) Have you lost it?
b) God,it’s only a book.
c) Aww,she must be sad about her break up! (I don’t socialize you fool. And my last boyfriend is dead because he insulted Warner and I killed him.But other than that,I’m really sweet,hi!) #LOL
They clearly don’t understand,but I know that you do! So here I present to you 5 books that made me cry,in no particular order. There will not be any spoilers so don’t worry (I know right,I’m so generous.) But If you don’t want to know anything else except the name of the books that made me cry,don’t read what’s written beside the pictures of the covers of the certain books.

#1.Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Image result for deathly hallows book

I mean,duh. This book has all the reasons to make you cry but I remember that the emotional trauma I experienced in the chapter “The Prince’s Tale” was it. And if you have read the book I think you get which part I’m talking about. Many of you must be surprised that I chose that over so many sadder things that happen in the book but to be honest,that made me cry more than any thing else in the book because that person is one of my favorite characters.
Gladly,I was alone when I was reading this because I kind of knew what was going to happen,so I chose the most appropriate time to sit down alone and just prepare myself for whatever was going to happen.





#2 The Book Thief 

Image result for the book thief coverOH MY GOD.
To be honest,when I went into this book I didn’t expect to even like it because a.I was not a fan of historical fiction then b.Someone told me the ending of the book and I was kind meh about it. God,I was so so wrong.
So I was sitting in a room with my family,they were talking about something and I was sitting in a corner with the book thief. I was left with last few chapters and I absolutely had had had to finish it because I was loving it so darn much. So I finished it. And I was sobbing and I didn’t want anyone to know. And suddenly my Mom’s like “Dear,are you having hiccups or are you crying?” Yeah. That was definitely fun. Not.




#3 All The Bright Places

allthe Obviously my all time favorite contemporary will be on this list.
Oh,how much I love this book. And oh,how it broke my heart. I wouldn’t be able to explain how much this book means to me,how much Jennifer Niven means to me. She is so sweet,so kind and such an amazing person. I almost had an heart attack when she replied to my tweet and followed me. (Typical Fangirl Moment) So the book,I had to actually put the book down for a minute and breathe because I knew if I would continue to read that would happen. This was the only book which made me cry hysterically like from the last five chapters to after the acknowledgements and till the last word of the book. I have re read this 5 times but I now stop at a certain      chapter because I’m too weak to face those horrible horrible chapters again.




#4 A Monster Calls

Image result for a monster calls cover

I actually reviewed this book a few days back,you can find it right here.
I did cry in the end of the book but it was so different from all the other books I had cried while reading. You see,I was so touched by this book,I was so emotionally affected by the weird pleasure-pain feeling in my chest that I was bound to cry. But unlike others,it was out of different emotions and not necessarily sadness .You’d understand after reading it,so I request you to do so again.





#5 Me Before You

Image result for me before you book coverYes,both the movie and the book. You can find my book talk/review on me before you right here.
The heart breaking thing about this book was that it made me laugh like hell throughout the book and then stabbed a sword right in my heart,slowly and carefully. (I’ve never been more accurate before) I knew what was going to happen and I was prepared for it from the beginning but damn damn damn. I was unsatisfied because there was one thing that I wanted to happen and it didn’t happen and now it can’t. I didn’t even realize I was crying until my brother walked in my room and asked me “You’re crying while reading a book,again?? and I said “I’m not crying.” And my brother’s like “Yes you are”. It was painful. And I haven’t read the sequel to this because I don’t want to and I won’t ever will.The story ended for me right when this book did,no matter how unsatisfying and heartbreaking it may have been.
Obviously there are other books that made me cry but these were the ones I really wanted to talk about because I feel like that the others are kind of obvious,like tfios. Maybe I’ll make a part two in the future but for now,this is it and I hope you enjoyed? this post!


I would really love to know what were the books that made you sob or ugly cry. Also,Merry Christmas!! Let me know how you celebrated your Christmas. I hope the best for all of you! Lots of love.


8 thoughts on “Books I’d invite to a Sob-Fest//Aka Books that made me cry (because they’re evil)

  1. Yes… Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – particularly the film where I was very upset when poor Snape died. I had a lump in my throat with Me Before You, but it is a really emotional and challenging read:). I haven’t yet read A Monster Calls, but I’ve heard a lot about it and your recommendation has encouraged me to add it to my TBR! Have a Happy New Year, Anushka:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Snape is one of my favorite characters ever,and seeing him in that scene was soo hard,especially when that tear falls from his eyes,ahhh. Yes,Me before you was a challenging read. I hated Will and loved him at the same time! So excited for you to read A Monster Calls!! You have a Happy New Year as well,may your year be full of good times!XD

      Liked by 1 person

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