writing-a-book-%2fthe-great-announcement%2fstruggles-and-motivation-1-4Hello People!

Before I go into this post,I just want to say that I’m highly disgusted  that Donald Trump has been elected as the President of America. Whoever made this happen,shame on you.

Now,since the world isn’t doing any good,I thought I’ll give you my book update as I had promised I would in my last Book update post. If you have zero idea what I’m saying (Where have you been??) then I’d suggest you to go read my first post about the book I’m writing here. Look out for plot/characters hints in this post

What’s up? Where are you in your story?

  • I’m in CHAPTER 10TH since 27th October because:
  1. Family Gathering (Which was so fun that I cried the whole darn day on which my cousins left)
  2. I had so much fun writing chapter 9 because ROMANTIC SCENE.I absolutely loved writing that chapter as I had to build the tension and the appropriate conversation between my leads before the ugh ugh intimate scene which was super fun.
  • I am stuck at a point where I don’t know how write the narrative part which is very important.I think I’m better at dialogues than the big chunks of narrative. I’m so glad I decided to write in first person POV,it definitely made it a lotta easier.
  • I’m also unsure about little parts of my book which I’d like to change but I’m afraid I’ll make a wrong decision because I’m indecisive and lazy af. That’s why YOU NEED TO HELP ME BY ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS I ASK AT THE END OF THE POST. PLEASE HELP (Or pretend I’m a cute puppy on the road alone and shivering)

Pinterest (I’m so glad you exist,YOU BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF CREATION)

So,as you can tell,I LOVE pinterest. For those of you who do not know how to use pinterest to research for your book,just let me know below and I’ll make a seperate HOW-TO post.

Today,here,now I’m going to share some of my board pins with you which is totally dedicated to my book (In short,I’m providing you pictorial clues) If you have plot guesses just let me know and I’ll declare whether you are wrong or right. Also,I trust you all A LOT so please don’t do something to break my heart and my trust.*Puppy face*

Love is eternal... #couple #love #romantic #meetville:  QUEDA PARA ESPERAR A TU PAREJA ♥:
Townes Van Zandt •: Kinfolk Stories Year in Year out:   Two bedder ward at The Farrer Park Hospital Singapore by DP Design: Nicholas Hoult by Venetia Scott - Fucking Young!:

I think as of now,these are enough.If you’re thinking WTF after seeing Nicholas Hoult’s picture,YES,I see him as my male lead.Except that he’s (Male lead) a lot younger.

My Writing Playlist

I know some writers songs related to their plot to listen while writing but I have a very different strategy. I have two mood playlists: Dark,deep VS loud,shallow. For example,if something serious is going on in my book I’ll listen to music which is sad or deep and on the other hand I tend to listen to rock and pop when writing a happy/funny scene. This works for me because it sets THE perfect mood for writing.


  • Side to Side-Ariana Grande feat Nicki Minaj
  • Starboy-The Weeknd
  • Cake By The Ocean-Dnce
  • Dangerous Woman-Ariana Grande
  • Shower-Becky G
  • Starving-Hailee Stienfeld
  • Ask-The Smiths
  • Photograph-Ed Sheeran
  • Fix you-Coldplay
  • Every Night-Imagine Dragons
  • Etc..


  • Never Say Never-The Fray
  • Ungodly Hour-The Fray
  • Never let me go-Florence+The machine
  • The Hills-The Weeknd
  • Twilight-Elliot Smith
  • Give me Love-Ed Sheeran
  • Kiss me-Ed Sheeran
  • I’m A mess-Ed Sheeran
  • She Will be loved-Maroon 5
  • Wrecking Ball-Miley Cyrus
  • Cosmic Love-Florence+The Machine
  • Demons-Imagine Dragons
  • Etc…


  1. Seriously,use the “SHOW,DON’T TELL” RULE
  2. Take notes as soon as you get an idea
  3. Don’t edit,just write in the first draft.If you need to change something,just use the highlighter tool to shade the part you want to change so that you can come to it in the second draft
  4. Eat.Snack (Next Post)
  5. Master the art of referencing (Next Post)


  1. 1.Should I change My character’s name from Evelyn to Haya? Or Not? Which suits better the girl in that picture above?
  2. I need to read a book which has a road trip in it.SUGGESTIONS?
  3. What are some of the unique Christmas traditions people follow? Or something unique that you do? (Trust me,I’m NOT just asking random questions.It’s for a reason.)
  4. How can I describe my character’s friends without you know,ACTUALLY DESCRIBING THEM? Like,I just don’t want to be like ‘Bla is always there,Bla knows everything,Bla understands me’ You get it.


How’s Your Writing going? Talk to me about it below and be sure to stay tuned for my next book Update! Love you! *Kisses* *Hugs*


5 thoughts on “My Book Update-Pinterest/Playlist/Some Tips

  1. When is your book set – because if it is contemporary, then keep the name as Evelyn, rather than Haya. As for Christmas customs – when I was a girl we all used to go out together for a final shopping expedition on Christmas Eve to one of the posh department stores, have a proper roast turkey lunch and then buy each other a present each – though it couldn’t cost more than what would be £1 each. Then we’d go home, wrap up the pressies to each other and when we children were putting up our Christmas stockings for Santa, we’d give each other our little Christmas Eve presents. It was a lovely custom… Best of luck with the writing – I’m on a major rewrite which hopefully, I’ll have completed before Christmas.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very welcome:). It lapsed once my grandfather died and as we generally these days are travelling or rushing around getting everything ready for the family to descend on Christmas Eve, it hasn’t been possible to revive it. Yet…

        Liked by 1 person

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