Hello Booknerds and you other muggles. Today I’m going to tell you how awful I did in a Halloween Read-a-Thon which was hosted by Lauren@Wonderlessreviews.(Thank you Lauren,it was a wonderful experience!) I had a list of  Tbr full of spooky books and unfortunately I failed to read all of them because I suck.  I read 3 books and reviewed none of them,again because I’m a goon.


The Murder of Roger Ackroyd By Agatha Christie

Image result for the murder of roger ackroyd

  • Don’t even make me judge a Christie book,okay?
  • Because as always it was suspenseful,thrilling and all sorts of awesome.
  • Also,I couldn’t guess the murderer once again. SOMEDAY I WILL.I WILL.





Alive by Scott Sigler.

Image result for alive by scott sigler

  • Liked it a lot but it wasn’t that scary. Creepy is a much better word.
  • Full of bones and caskets so beware if you’re scared of those.
  • It is definitely a page turner but don’t expect something ‘OMG’
  • Best to go into this book without knowing much. Just as I did.
  • I didn’t like the protagonist a lot but her journey was fab.#Goals




Prisoner of Night & Fog

Image result for prisoner of night and fog

  • Great blend of fact and fiction.Some of the characters were real as well.
  • Sweet romance with the right amount of swoon
  • Writing was subtle as well.
  • This book contained some of the best Action packed scenes.#Runbarryrun!
  • Loved the way how the Jews were potrayed in the book during WW2




Percy Jackson and the Lightening thief by Rick Riordan

I know this won’t be counted but I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW I’M FINALLY READING THIS!


Did you read any spooky books this month? How Did you spend Halloween? Talk to me about it below in the comments section! And be prepared for my next Book update! In case you missed my first post click HERE



15 thoughts on “Halloween Read-a-Thon Wrap up!

  1. That sounds really good – three books in a read-a-thon is not to be sneezed at. I read very fast, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily get the in-depth reading experience someone who reads more slowly and mindfully does. Sadly, we had a skim and scan course at college when I was studying for my History degree when the reading list was insane and I got into some very bad habits. Thankfully, I’ve retrained myself OUT of skimming and scanning novels – but it took a while. I’m glad you enjoyed The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and as for the others, I’m far more into creepy than outright gory, but I don’t enjoy being frightened anyway. I was teaching on Halloween night and several of my lovely students dressed up and one brought in little gingerbread men with the instruction that we imagined we were crunching down on demon babies…:).

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    1. Yes,I would be lying if I said that I don’t skim through some books I find boring. I need to get rid of that habit too. That’s bad that you had to skim through history books,I love history!! Glad you had a wonderful Halloween! XD


  2. Ugh, I can never guess the murder in Agatha Christie’s books either!
    Hope you’re enjoying Percy Jackson! I love all the series about the Greek and Roman gods. The new one on the Norse gods is fun too. 🙂

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