Hi There!

I have been  very mysterious in my posts lately. I’m all “I have a announcement! But let’s forget that for another 284294 days.Because I’m a goon.Ha!” but wait no more! I’m finally doing this.


I AM WRITING A  WONDERFUL BOOK!! It’s actually a book I had already written in last year but when I recently read it again…WHY DID I EVEN WRITE IT?? So I decided,since my story is pretty good,why not re-write the book!

Here’s what inspired me:

  • Books (Obviously)
  • A story I have in my mind
  • Just the thought of holding a book that I have written in my hands.
  • Author Swag (NO SHAME)
  • Being Like “Hey,I wrote a book.Nice to meet you!”
  • *If great authors like Chetan Bhagat can get published in India,why can’t I? At least mine books will be less horrible than his.
  • I love to write (DUH)

*If you don’t live in India,you’re probably thinking it’s rude to insult an author but..guys,trust me 5sog will seem like HEAVEN after reading one of his books. He’s not a nice person either that means  I can ridicule him.

Okay so,Let me give you a little insight on what I’m  doing trying to do here. This is NOT Nanowrimo I’m planning to do. This has Nothing to do with Nanowrimo. This is just me writing a book. Which I hope to get published some day. I have and I HAVE to complete it by Feb or March 2017. I want to get the first draft done by the end of this year and then I’ll move to editing. So since I am such a lovely person I decided to write my experiences down and also keep updating you all as of where I am in my story. Also,I’d like to discuss all of the Emotional Trauma,struggles I deal with when writing and also what I do to overcome them. Each post I’ll ramble talk about something different.


  • My Pinterest board dedicated to my book
  • My planning strategy
  • Anything I happen to type,really.

Also,I’ll ask questions if I’m stuck at a point because I’m not Perfect,buy baby you’re perfect to me// (Ananya if you’re reading this, I JUST USED A 1D REFERENCE,sit down)

Image result for baby you're perfect gif

But Anushka,Won’t you tell us a little something about your book??

Of course I will ( But let it unfold with every post) I’m giving you some hints right now:

  • I love contemporary books.
  • I love the name “Archer”
  • I love you *Sends virtual hugs*


Oh My God.

When I sit to write something,ANYTHING,my mind makes me absolutely convinced that it’s shit.

And when it comes to my book,I’m like:



Then there are days where you’re writing and writing and writing but all of a sudden you’re stuck at this point,where you have zero idea what to write. You stare at the blinking cursor and you think to yourself “Is this it? Well at least I came further than that last book I had started writing” (Because trust me,we have at least 200 novel ideas in our head and we decide to write like one of them #Lazy)

Another Struggle is when you wan’t to write that exciting scene but before reaching there you have to write this one chapter you don’t really want to write because it’s boring af. So you stop writing and take a Loooooooooooooooooooooong break. Then you come back after an year and start another book,we all know how the cycles goes.

Oh no no,I’m not done yet but I gotta save the ranting for the next articles.


Yes,We have struggles but there’s always so many ways to get back up and just to keep working no matter what (GEEZ, STOP THE PEP TALK.)

Here are some things I do if I find myself in any of the situations above:

  • Tell someone about your book and it does not have to be a person that likes you that much. Trust me,every time that person will see you he/she WILL ask if you’re done yet with your book because they know you have not and they like to make you feel bad. Take advantage of that thing,Prove the jerk wrong!! WRITE!
  • Editing will make every thing better (Wish life had an edit button?)
  • Ask people for help,ask them what would they do if they were in your character’s situation.(Which is one of the reasons I’m doing this)
  • You have to do this. There is NO other option.
  • Eat chocolate.
  • Make yourself excited by imagining yourself talking to your fans. XD (REALLY WORKS)

You’re Welcome!

So if you made it through,you’re an awesome puppy. I had really so much fun writing this post and I’m so excited to write other parts of this and keep updating you guys on my book. Let’s keep this every Tuesday (Because Tuesday is better than Monday) If you’ve missed a post,you can open my blog.Then click on the tab “Book Updates/Talks”.This will appear:


Just click on the linked photos and You’ll be sent to the posts.


  1. How can I start a chapter a little differently? I just don’t want to start it with an action or a dialogue. Got any Ideas?
  2. How the HELL people fast forward time in the middle of a chapter?? In this one chapter I just want to show that time has gone by without telling the events of every single day (ARE YOU EVEN UNDERSTANDING WHAT I’M SAYING HERE??)
  3. If you do know then please suggest a link/book/blog where I can read about how old people act/behave/speak.Or if you’re a genius you can tell me too.

Please be kind and help me out here (Or else I’ll kill you)


Are you Writing something or doing Nanowrimo? What struggles do you face while writing? How do you motivate yourself??  Also,Thank you for your support! I love you all *Hugs* *Kisses*

13 thoughts on “Writing a book?/The great announcement/Struggles and Motivation (Article 1)

  1. Great post! You literally described all of the struggles I face while writing! and omg I have a character named Archer! I am doing NaNoWriMo this year with a fantasy idea i’ve had in my head for about two years, but I really don’t expect to hit the word count because of school… To answer some of your questions: I like to end one chapter with a major action scene, and start the next one with the character reacting to whatever happened in the previous scene. It’s kind of like the law of science that says every action has an equal and opposite reaction, to show my nerd side. As far as time passing, I struggle with that myself. I usually end up saying something like, “Several hours later,” or “A week past,” or “The next night,” but that gets really old… I’m still working on a better solution! And I currently know next to nothing about old people, but I am studying aging in my psychology class in a few weeks, so I might be able to help out then! 🙂 Also, betternovelproject.com has helped me out a lot with story structure and characters if you wanna check that out!

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    1. Omg,Archer IS a great name!!! That action thing is cool,guess you really like physics (I suck at it) Thank you so much for your help,this really helped a lot!! I’ll check out the site asap. Do Let me know what you found out after studying aging! All the best for your Book!! ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. In Gerald Durrels, ‘My Family and Other Animals’ he begins the book with the following line- July had been blown out like a candle by a biting wind that ushered in a leaden August sky. Maybe setting the tone or summing up a LOT with just one line? Hope it helps.

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