Hello bookworms! As you know,I love Winter and every little thing about it.IT IS THE BEST SEASON EVER! However if you do not agree with me (insert smirk emoji) It’s totally fine (Insert smiling devil emoji) because I have a list of why summer is a ‘good’ reading season as well,but let’s leave that for next year.Today I am going to tell you 5 reasons why I think Winter is da best reading month EVER!!

*Drum roll*


 1.You got the atmosphere.

Okay,So the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about winter AND reading is that how utterly perfect the whole weather and atmosphere is for reading.It seriously gives me strong reading vibes.

Got that 800+ historical fiction to read?PHEW,DONE!

1000 pages Fantasy with lots of Narrative?PHEW,DONE!!



Because you got the wintry sun and the barren wasteland of brilliant white screaming for you to READ.


2.You got Brilliant pairings=Books + Coffee

NOBODY shall argue with me on this,come on,like who does not like having coffee or tea whilst reading a book?!.You know what makes is even better? Smuggle up in your cosy blankets with a book and coffee.Honestly,I don’t even need anything else except that to have a fun time.

I could literally marathon the Harry Potter series without getting out of my warm blanket.Except that I’ll have to because I’m a human bean and I need to,you know,pee.Damn you coffee!


 3.You got so many Holidays!

For those of us who go to school/college reading is HARD.You got assignments to do and exams to pass and on the top of that you got your books eyeing you like “Hmm,guess you bought me just for display” IT’S A MESS.

But Winter has got so many holidays that you can chill and read without the fear of completing the paper you were supposed to give last year.(LOL)

Firstly you have got Halloween (OCTOBER IS THE START OF WINTER,OKAY?) and thanksgiving and Christmas!We also get Winter breaks so,yay.


4.You got Sock Sundays

Random Weird Person:But Anushka,you have got Sock Sundays anytime!

Oh,right.Because we loooovvvveeee to wear socks in summer as well,don’t we? YOU GOON!

If you do not know what sock Sunday is,you need to get out of your cave and discover #BOOSTAGRAM.Oh but don’t run away yet,wait! I’m telling you,

So sock Sunday is when you click a picture of books and your feet with beautiful socks on.I don’t know where you live but in India wearing a sock in summer will DESTROY you.It’s seriously so hot and humid in summers that you just can’t wear a sock ! That is why Winters are THE best season to show off your cute socks without,you know,wetting your ‘cute’ socks with your not so cute,sweat.



If there is ANY genre solemnly dedicated to Winter is Fantasy.I mean you CAN read Fantasy books any time of the year just fine but reading them in Winter adds a special feeling to it..

So here are (as a Winter bonus) some Wintry reads recommendation :


SO that were the things that in my opinion makes Winter such a good reading Season.October is going great,even the WEEKEND cut his hair! See,brilliant things are happening all over the world!


Tell me,what is your favorite reading season?Do you agree with me?Or do you think that Summer is wayy better?

Till next time,



23 thoughts on “Why winter is the best reading season!

  1. Ooo… I’ll second AND third your recommendation of The Bone Clocks – I LOVE that book:)). But, while I’m happy to read in Winter – I far prefer summer. I’ve been sitting at my computer this afternoon and getting steadily chillier and more miserable. I’ve now put on the fire, cranked up the wheaty bags and swathed myself in a thick scarf, but it’s not even properly cold! I HATE the cold:(. It shrivels my soul and makes me cranky and sad… So I DREAD the approaching Winter *sigh*

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    1. Lol😂😂.Yes,winter can be a bit gloomy.I just think that in winter one can read more but of course it’s according to a person’s choice!Summers are fun too.Honestly,all seasons are reading seasons for book lovers at least😂😂

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  2. I totally agree for the atmosphere winter brings. You just want to stay warm, drink tea and read! (those pee breaks are a nightmare, haha!) Hours seem to be longer and the light adds something magical 😀 Unfortunately, because my exams are just after Christmas, I never get to enjoy the holidays to read *sad sad face* My favorite genres for winter are mystery and thrillers, I get curious and scared, haha.

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  3. Winter definitely my favourite season to read in, and to be honest, overall haha (so, because I live in Australia, it is a little devastating that we are now heading into summer…). I love getting a blanket and a cup of warm tea and sitting there for hours reading.


  4. Ahh, yes. Winter is my favourite season. I’m in Australia so it’s over now unfortunately and where I live it gets hot super quickly so I’m a little sad, haha. There’s nothing better than curling up in bed with a good book. It’s even better if it’s raining 😀

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    1. Yess🙈🙈Reading in winter,AND it’s raining?=The best feeling ever!!The only drawback is that you would never want to get out of your bed,haha😝😝.Winter has just started here,so I’m pretty excited.Hope you have a lovely summer!(Summers are nice as well💕😉)

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    1. Yes,Fall is so beautiful!You can read inside as well as outside because it’s not that cold yet.However,winter has my heart🙈🙈🙈.One needs to do nothing except read in winter💕💕


  5. I love every season for reading! 🙂 But yes, winter is excellent reading time. I think my favorite is when it’s snowing, and I know I can’t be anywhere else anyone. 😉

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