Rita, a reputed investigative journalist. Her life revolves around exposing corrupt politicians and their schemes.
Raghav, a young business tycoon has all he wants in life. He pulls strings in the corridors of power.
Samar, a highly decorated officer of the Indian Army is disenchanted with the system.
The three highly motivated friends since college want one thing – India’s name to be etched in glory.
But their ideologies are poles apart. When their paths cross amidst chaos and anarchy which has gripped the entire nation, it is a concoction too powerful to contain.
Random killings take place when Rita stumbles upon a terrible plan. There is even an attempt on her life. Someone wants her dead… badly. Eventually a Maoist Leader, Head of RAW and ISI Director get entangled in the mess. In the backdrop of misgovernance and scams, extremism, lawlessness and government ineptitude, their actions will decide the fate of the entire subcontinent outside the borders.
Is there something more sinister lurking behind the façade that Rita discovers? What role does Raghav and Samar play in bigger scheme of things and how does it go on to redefine geo-political situation in the entire subcontinent?

If you could not figure out on your own,this book is a political thriller that takes place in India.It is a very well written book that covers the scams,corruption and misgovernance that takes place in Indian Government,while wrapping the facts into a interesting story that makes the readers turn pages in anticipation.

When I started reading the book,I was quite scared I won’t like it as I do not read this genre at all but as I read on I found out that It’s interesting and even easy to understand even though you have no clue on politics or how the govt functions.
The writing was fluent and easy to understand.Another thing I liked very much about the book that it had various newspaper clips,events,lists,reports and pictures in the story.That was interesting to read and made it easier to follow what was happening in it.There was no page in the book which didn’t have action in it,as to say it had no useless information in it which I find in many books.
However it was more of a plot driven story than a character driven one.I could not connect to the characters for some reason and I sometimes felt as I could get to know more about them so that I could relate to them.
Another thing what struck me while reading the book was the use of common language and offensive terms of India.There were many MANY such terms used in the book during conversations.I know that in India people do abuse quite often and the author probably didn’t want to sugarcoat it and believed that real language should be used in books.However,I believe that some things need to be sugarcoated and offensive language in books should be encouraged less because no matter how much real it is,we do not want to read a curse every minute or so.I am not saying to completely erase it but it should be used in instances or scenes where it is important for someone to curse.
Anyways,I have to say I was satisfied with the book  even though there were some answers I wanted.Definitely recommended for someone who loves Politics as well as polemics on Politics!! For the readers who have not tried the genre yet,I would recommend you to try it as well,who knows maybe you’ll end up loving it like me.


Image result for 3,.5 out of 5 stars

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That’s it for today,hope you enjoyed the review.Tell me your thoughts on the book in the comments section!Hope to see you in my next post (which is going to be very fun,well for me) So stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Game of Anarchy|Book review

  1. Thank you for your review of this interesting book. Political thrillers aren’t my cup of tea, these days – although I used to read a lot of them when I was younger. You’re right – they do tend to focus on a lot of swearing amongst politicians. I think it’s to highlight just how different a lot of these people are once they step out of the limelight, but it can get wearing.

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