And all of a sudden,
The lights seem dimmer
The air feels cold,
The birds don’t sing
and the nights doesn’t pass.
The streets are quite,
But the whispers,loud.
Pouring out cascade of memories,
With specks of black.
Now everything is broken,
Beyond repair.
Oh look what you’ve done!
By running away.
Even the moon cringes to come,
From behind the clouds.

So I know I did something I don’t usually do,but I love to write and if you’ve seen my bio,it says “I read and write.
I realized that I have never posted my work before,so today I did!
If you’re reading this then it’s quite obvious that you’ve read the poem and I want to know whether you liked it or not (criticism is welcomed).I know it wasn’t great but I thought it would be nice to start by something short and easy.
Please let me know what you thought below!

See ya


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