Today I’m going to do the Unpopular Opinions tag.(I’m a little late,okay,a a lot late.)

Before I share with you my unpopular opinions I’m going to do the thing where I tell you that these opinions are my own and I in no way mean to offend anyone and If you do not agree with me then fine,okay,great!!


1. A Popular Book/Series You Didn’t Like .

                                 Paper Towns by John Green


Now believe me when I say that I absolutely LOVE John Green,not just his books but him as a person because he is so so funny and a great human being.

But..Paper Towns didn’t work for me..nope nada.

On the off topic..do yourself  a favor and check out John Green reviews Twilight (SOO GOOD)

.2. A Popular Book/Series Everyone Hates But You Love.


                                      Twilight by Stephanie Meyer


Um yeah.I don’t exactly love Twilight because I do love making fun of it and watching other people make fun of it.But I do like it a lot,it’s my guilty pleasure.

3. A Love Triangle That Didn’t End the Way You Wanted It To.

                                           Hermoine and Ron.


See, I do not not exactly hate that ship but I always ALWAYS thought that She would end up with HARRY,I wanted her to end up with him because ughhhhhh I loved them together.

4. A Popular Genre You Hardly Read.


                                            High Fantasy


I love fantasy, a lot and especially in Winters.

but.. one word:HEAVY.

5. A Popular/Beloved Character You Dislike 

                        America Singer from The Selection


Boy,I so did NOT like or adore her.I found her Whiny and Selfish.

Although I did Like The Selection as a book,it was okay in my opinion.

6. A Popular Author You Can’t Seem To Get Into.

                                       Dan Brown


There is NOTHING wrong with him or his books.It’s totally me,.I don’t understand anything at once and it takes me hours of researching to read his one book.It slows me down and puts me in a slump.

7. A Popular Trope You’re Tired of Reading .


one windy day a girl meets stumbles upon a boy.She looks at him,he looks at her.

They fall in love…but but..The guy has some dark bad secrets from which he wants the girl to stay away from but because she is soo soo irresistible,he can’t can’t can’t.The girl can’t help either and gets trapped in his smoky hot eyes…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..


I think you get me.

8. A Popular Series You Have No Interest In Reading.
9. A Show/Movie Adaption You Liked Better Than The Book 

                                        Inkheart by Cornelia Funk


This book is invisible in our book society but it is SO SO GOOD.I read the book AFTER I saw the movie and I’m afraid to say that the Movie was wayyyyy better.

but do watch the movie..it’s about a guy who can bring fictional characters OUT of a book and accidently brings out some evil ones who capture him.Ten years later his daughter goes on a mission to find him with her aunt and a book’s hero.WATCH IT.


That’s it!! I hope I didn’t offend anyone and I’m tagging no-one because I’m pretty sure I’m the last one to do this tag.

Have a lovely Day,




16 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Book Tag.

  1. This is my kind of tag. I love unpopular opinions. I agree with you on The Selection series. America was so annoying and the story was so predictable. I didn’t understand why we needed so many books to tell that story. And Paper Towns is another one I rant over.

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