Hello! I hope you’re having a good day because I clearly am NOT.There is like 20 issues I should be dealing with right now but you know what I did?

I shut all that shit in the corner of my head.

I can worry and freak out later.

However,right now I’m going to tell you what are the things I search for in a book and what things I hate in one,What tropes I like and what kind of Characters I love in the different genres of books.



Insta love:Girl meets boy,boy meets girl.*After a day*

Girl:I love you,so so much.Your eyes,your voice,your lips and oh your heart!!You’re so brave,so kind and totally selfless.I’d die for you!!I cannot live without you!!You are everything I searched for in all these years.(WHAT YEARS??YOU’RE 16 IDIOT.)

Whiny Characters:Complains about everyTHING.

Character:My life is so messed up.I hate life,I hate everyone.


Character:What did I do to deserve a life like this!!??



Contemporary novels aren’t supposed to be just about finding love in your teen years.I like the books which deals with the actual issues we face during that time and not just romance.There is so much to focus on-relationships between friends,family issues,depression,bullying,disability and so so many more!

I adore the books where the family of the character is real fun and actually involved in his/her life and is not just ignorant of what their child is doing or going through.





I haven’t read If I stay yet but I have watched the movie and…uh.


Bored of eating:

The most ordinary child suddenly becomes the savior of the world.

The hero/heroine CANNOT ask for help of friends and family and always tries to PROTECT them.

Villains with a sad little back story.

Names that only the writers know how to pronounce.

Corrupt Rulers

The favorite dish:

Strong chrarcters

Cool Superpowers

Great world building

The male main character is bad in the beginning but then the main female character comes,sees the hidden good in him and makes him a better person.(MY FAVORITE TROPE EVER!! CAUSE..AARON,DAMON,DAEMON AND WILL ETC ETC)

Which means Adorable Romance.


sorce_stone                                               download


Crime & Thriller:

I haven’t read many Crime Novels actually but I would say that I LOVE  Agatha Christie’s books.I pick up her book once in a while because while I read it..I try to solve the murder and find the culprit in my head.




Her books are amazing and not at all predictable.If you haven’t read any of her work,please do so.



The best one:



I couldn’t even complete that book.I wanted to like bang Anna’s head on a wall and strangle Christian.

Plus,I don’t read Erotica..so this was a joke.

That’s it for today!What are the things that you look for in books?Any favorite tropes?Let me know in the comments section!













5 thoughts on “Ingredients of a Good Book.

  1. That last one was really funny! Actually, I enjoyed reading the whole post, right from the beginning! 🙂
    As for things I look for in a Contemporary book, I agree that it needs to deal with more than romance. And I have a lot of the same petpeeves as you, not as much for the fantasy, though… It’s just that you notice the tropes have been reused over and over again, so either someone needs to break them or alter them… 😉

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