So,a funny thing happened.I read this book.It’s funny because I never thought I would because of all the hype..(Hyped books intimidate me for some reason).Then one day,something happened and I ordered it on amazon,it arrived and I read it in 2 days.

So first let me write a quick summary of this book and then talk about how this book made a special place in my heart and definitely in the list of my favourites.

Short Summary

Louisa Clark,26 is chatty,bright and different but has always confined herself in the walls of her parents house and has never tried to travel,find a hobby she loves or do something thrilling.When she gets carer for Will Traynor;a quadriplegic who once had a thrilling life full of adventures,things began to change as Will makes her try new things she had never thought of doing and she tries to convince him that he can still,inspite of his disability, have a good life.

My emotions after finishing the book                                         

    As you can tell,I loved this book.A lot a lot a lot.It made me laugh out loud,it made me          cry a river,it left me thinking for hours,it broke my heart and it left me craving for                       more.It absolutely compelled me to fall in love with this beautiful creation.    

Will Traynor and Louisa Clark throughout the book made me burst in laughter by the epic sarcasm and witty comments they had.I adored them so so much,because they just made each other better,each other’s life better.

“Sometimes,Clark,you’re the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning”

The romance in this book builds up so slowly and gently that in the end you just can’t help but accept that the love they had was way too deep and intense.They had so many relationships,the one of a carer to her boss,the one friends have,the one two people who make each other smile in the toughest of situations have.

Although it’s a love story it also focuses on the quality of life of quadriplegics which made many people dislike the book and have problems with it.

And I am the person who has a problem with them having THAT problem.

The content ahead may contain spoilers and might give away the ending of the book as I can’t talk about this subject without doing so.

The people who disliked the book due to the topic of the life of quadriplegics are saying that Me before you gives a message that a life with disability is not worth living.

I am so pissed off at those statements right now because THE BOOK GIVES NO SUCH KIND OF MESSAGE OKAY?

People are having trouble understanding that the views Will Traynor had about his life in this book,were his own personal opinion of his own life.He never implied that all quadriplegics can’t enjoy their life,he only meant that he,as an individual can’t live like that,it’s not possible for him to cope with so much of pain and humiliation and helplessness.

Who says a disabled person can’t have a happy life? Sure they can! but for some people,just as Will,living a life like that has no meaning.They cant bear not moving,not doing anything by themselves,always getting everyone’s head turned towards them when in public.THEY JUST CANT.


This whole matter is so ridiculous!

It’s like a person is saying his marriage isn’t working for him,and others who are happily married  start to blame and curse him for saying that.He means that his marriage isn’t working,not that everyone’s else’s is also not good.

Just like that,Will’s life didn’t work out well,it doesn’t mean that every disabled person’s shouldn’t.

If you didn’t like the book because of it’s story or writing or characters then fine,I totally respect your opinions but please don’t take up just anything heavy from the book and create a fuss over it.

I hope more people understand.

So to sum it up….


Have you read Me Before you?What are your thoughts?Be sure to comment down below!

Thank you,




8 thoughts on “Book Talk : Me before you

  1. I appreciate your take on this book. I’ve not read it but know the ending because of the controversy surrounding it. I’ll be honest that I haven’t prioritized the book because I was uncomfortable with the message as I’ve read it filtered through others’ interpretations. I found your analogy to people who get divorced thought provoking, and your commentary has made me want to read the book and decide for myself. Thank you! 🙂

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  2. Great post!!! I loved this book. I read it last year. I thought the author did a lot of research into Will’s disability and personality. I enjoyed the way the author made this book more of a life lesson story than just a romance. There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the book since the movie was coming out and I’m just like “whaaaaaat??? NO NO NO NO” but to each it’s own. Once again, great post!

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  3. Yaaaaaas! Glad to know someone else also agrees that the book is not about how living life with disability is not worth it.

    Like really people, read the book title! It’s about the girl’s life before she met this great guy who saw potential in her and gave her a way to explore it without worrying about the things that had bogged her down till now.

    And honestly, why do people forget that everyone’s tolerance threshold is different. Why does Will Traynor have to be a saint and bear something he cannot tolerate? How does that make it insulting to people with disability?

    Anyhoo, thanks for following my blog! Glad to have found someone who thinks just like me when it comes to books and being a fangirl!

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    1. Yes,you are so right about the tolerance threshold and being a saint!And I do not think I would have liked the book this much if he would have Changed his mind.
      Anyways,I’m glad I found you too!Thanks.😊

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