Err..Yeah,time for some embarrassing confessions.So this post will be all about the hyped books I haven’t yet read..or the ones I simply don’t want to.

I’m dividing the list into two categories:Popular books I have no interest in reading,Popular books I want to read.

Let’s get started!


Yeahh..I know.The fans must be throwing bagels at me.I never got around reading this and I still have seriously no interest in reading this,when it came out people said it’s like the hunger games and I love the hunger games but then something happened and totally lost interest in reading this.Plus someone told me what happens at the end..It made me not wanting to read it more.

Don’t judge me please…All right,You can.I deserve it.

Again..a popular book I have no interest in reading.Shiver pissed me off,so I just didn’t want to read this one,Although I have heard a lot of good reviews.

I might change my mind but as for now..I don’t see myself reading this.

The host by Stephanie Meyer is quite popular and many many people like this one.I,on the other hand can’t even imagine reading this.I am not a twilight hater..I like twilight but this book simply doesn’t seems appealing to me.Plus..Am I the only one who thinks the cover is creepy? *Hides under blanket*


Carry on is the kind of book I will never ever pick up simply because when I was reading Fangirl,the fanfiction that Cath wrote which was added in the book made me angry because I didn’t want to read Simon and Baz’s story,I wanted to read Cath and Levi’s story and the whole thing just distracted me from the main storyline.Plus the whole Harry Potter theme mixed with LGBT pisses me off.



I seriously have no explanation why I haven’t read this yet…I want to,really I do.


Everyone happens to love this book,that is why I actually want to read this.As for right now..I don’t think I’m ready to read another book set in the time of World War II.I’m still a little overwhelmed by the emotional roller coaster I experienced while reading The Book Thief.

Β I’m actually going to read this very soon.I absolutely loved the movie.


So that’s it for today.I hope I didn’t offend anyone by my opinions.However I would love to know what popular books you haven’t read and what books do you think I should read from the above(even the ones I have no interest in reading)!So let me know below and also (not book related) I am searching for some good high school lovey-dovey movies(the ones that make you feel all cute inside),If you have any suggestions please tell me in the comments section.


42 thoughts on “Popular Books I Haven’t Read.

  1. I read the first two books in the Divergent series, but never got around to finishing the series. After reading those two though I think the Hunger Games trilogy was much better. I didn’t really care for Raven Boys, but I’m definitely in the minority so maybe I was just in a cranky mood. I loved the Red Queen, but I think the Glass Sword is suffering from the dreaded “sequelitis “. I’ve been ploughing through it for a week now and to be honest, the only reason I’ve stuck with it is because I bought it. And Perks of Being A Wallflower is simply brilliant!

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  2. I really wanna read all the light we cannot see too. But I do like Carry On (#sorrynotsorry :p ) for so many reasons- mostly baz is amazing! Funnily enough, I haven’t read Fangirl yet cos I don’t want the levi/cath story getting in the way of more simon/baz!!

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  3. I totally don’t blame you for not wanting to read Divergent. I gave in and read it because of all the hype but I ended up being disappointed by it, so I wish I hadn’t bothered haha!

    I really want to read Red Queen too! One of my friends really loves it, so I’m excited to get to it.

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  4. I’ve not read a lot of these too! All the Light we Cannot See is definitely one I’m hoping to read soon though. As for the others, I’ll have to do some thinking. Maybe I won’t ever get to them.

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  5. I only read The Host from this list so you’re not the only one that feels embarrassedπŸ™ˆ. I think it was a really good book, is one of my favourites actually, so in case you’re not sure about reading it you could borrow it from your local library and give it a try. I highly recommend it! And if it makes you feel better, I haven’t read Harry Potter nor The Hunger Games, so I’m the one that feels more embarrassedπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ As for the other books you mentioned, they’re all on my TBR list and waiting to be readπŸ™ˆ

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      1. Because I was an even lazier child growing up and long series of books give me anxiety πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I know these are pretty lame excuses, but in my defense I just started the philosopher’s stone, so better late than never😁

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  6. The Raven Cycle is one of my all time favourite series, so I’m kinda biased towards it but I feel like it really is a series worth checking out. I haven’t read Shiver, but I’ve heard from people have that TRC is quite different and a huge improvement. Perks is also another of my favourite books so I hope you enjoy that when you read it πŸ™‚ Also, I haven’t read Red Queen either so don’t worry you’re not alone haha.

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    1. Well, many people told me to read the raven cycle in the comments,so I am taking that book in consideration!Probably going to read it now.I’m pretty excited about reading perks..and glad to know I’m not alone!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚


  7. I Liked your list of not feel like reading.
    For me also Divergent series is a no no… Somehow it has lost its charm.
    And I will surely advice you to read the Lux series completely.. That series is good

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    1. Yes,so many people have said that thing about divergent in the comments section that now I really feel I don’t care about reading that book.I’m going to read Lux series soon,I’m excited.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ


  8. You might want to put Red Queen on your Will Not Read list…below average I’m afraid. I DNF…boring.
    But the Lunar Chronicles were quite good. Also, only one of Rainbow Rowell’s books which I thought was very good. Eleanor and Park. Sara J Maas series: Court of Thorns and Court of Mists, both have much better writing than Red Queen. Just saying. :o)


  9. I have heard mixed reviews about Red Queen but I might just try that as well!I want to read Eleanor and park !!!!! and of course Sarah J Maas’s writing is really well! anyways thank you so much for dropping by.❀


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