This tag was created by Ayuda@Tea and paperbacks

I was tagged by no one,I just saw this tag at Shanayah@The scarlet bookkeeper so be sure to check that out.

1.Reading in the couch or the bed?

Ah!Nothing is more satisfying than curling up in blankets,lying on the bed and reading!I prefer to lean against the headboard of my bed and read with a paperback fixed between my knees.I hardly read on a couch.

2.Male main character or main female character?

I love both but I usually find myself reading a book with a female character but I love getting in the head of a male character.

3.Sweet snacks or salty snacks while reading?

UM,NONE? I am extremely clumsy and whenever I read and eat together I end up spoiling my book! Am I the only one with this problem?

4.Trilogies or quartets?

I love both!It depends upon the story but sometimes I wish there were more books in a series so I could get to know the characters more!Otherwise I’m totally okay with both!

5.First-person point of view or third person point of view?

I’m not exactly a fan of third person view but Harry potter was written in it,wasn’t it?I love first point of views a little more but both points of are good for me if it’s written well.

6.Reading at night or in the morning?

How about I read before going to sleep and I keep the book beside my pillow and as soon as I wake up I start reading it again?You feel me?.

7.Libraries or bookstores?

Both for different reasons.You can’t read a book in the bookstore and you can’t buy a book in a library.You can borrow it,so that gives bonus points to Libraries!

8.Books that make you laugh or ones that make you cry?

I happen to have many favorites in the ‘Crying criteria’ but hey! Laughing never hurts!

9.Black book covers or white book covers?

Both!Although I favor white book covers more but my favorite is pastel colors books,They look gorgeous!Who agrees?

10.Character driven or plot driven?

I don’t exactly have an answer for this one but the more we are involved in a character’s story,the more it’s interesting! Ofcourse the Plot should also be good!

So,I tag:

Beth@Reading every night

Sushmita@Fervently Curious

Jessica@Bookish Serendipity


Seaweed Books

Haya@The YA Bookaholic

Leticia@Quotes,Coffee & Books!


I would love to hear from you guys about this post!I hope you enjoyed it!




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