For those who don’t know,May 16th to 22nd Is Mental health awareness week and as this is my first post I thought about writing about this  rather indeed serious topic.

Millions of people from around the world are victims of some or the other mental disorder,and most of them end up killing themselves.

The reason? Us.

People suffering from Depression,Bipolar Disorder and Personality disorders were not born that way,genetic factors are responsible but unless something major happens, it cannot be triggered and it is the monotonous society and environment that is responsible for triggering it.

Suicide is common among teens and the most common reasons are bullying,rape,domestic abuse and unstable relationships with family or friends.

But we all know these things right?

What we don’t know is that they need our help,our support and love not just ignorance.We call them weak and unstable,we make fun of them,we ignore them and act like they don’t exist which makes them feel lonely,broken and hopeless.

They are not fallen leaves that we can crush with our shoes.

They are not broken toys that we can toss anywhere.

They are not a joke we can laugh on or pass along as a piece of entertainment.

We need to let them know that there is light in the end of the tunnel,that no matter how much pain they are facing it will go away gradually and that life is still worth living.

Talking about your problems,sharing them with us and letting us help you is far more effective than medicines.So lets get out there and bring hope in the lives of those who have lost faith and lets tell them that they are never ever alone.

and remember,

“Suicide doesn’t end the pain,It just passes to someone else.”



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  1. Was going through your blog and as I perused for your first entry… I came across this…
    Loved this article of yours. So simply written and yet having so much depth… especially the last line.. That line just says all…
    Kudos to your writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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