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रौशनी means light in English and it is the blogger’s personal non-profit initiative towards women empowerment and gender equality. The purpose of this column is to tell stories that remain unheard, read and promote literature of and about those women who have often been ignored by history and mainstream media and support local businesses and initiatives run by women or for the self development of women.

Anyone can be a part of this initiative and those who decide to do so will be included in a directory visible on this page. A book which fits the purpose of this initiative will be selected each month (fiction or non-fiction) and the notification for the same will be sent to members by email. Since the aim is to promote these books and encourage people to pick them up, advertising the selected book through social media handles or a blog post would be of great help.

रौशनी might be a very small step towards achieving complete equality but it is nonetheless an important one. I hope it grows to be of even more help in the future.

Want to be a part? Contact us.